Organic Computing
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Books / PhD theses

E. Cakar.
Population-Based Runtime Optimisation in Static and Dynamic Environments.
Dissertation, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover, 2011. / download

M. Mnif.
Quantitative Emergenz: Eine Quantifizierungsmethodik für Ordnung in selbstorganisierenden technischen Systemen.
Shaker Verlag, 2010.

C. Müller-Schloer, H. Schmeck, T. Ungerer (editors).
Organic Computing – A Paradigm Shift for Complex Systems.
Birkhäuser, 2011.

H. Prothmann.
Organic Traffic Control.
KIT Scientific Publishing, 2011. / download

U. Richter.
Controlled Self-organisation Using Learning Classifier Systems.
KIT Scientific Publishing, 2009. / download

S. Tomforde.
An Architectural Framework for Self-configuration and Self-improvement at Runtime.
Dissertation, Leibniz Universitšt Hannover, 2011. / download